Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September ft. ECP with peeps.

"Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends." - Twitter

Hello whoever you are!
Yeeep, it's the last day of September and my semester holiday is ending soon, sighh. September has been an amazing and relaxing month. However, even though school starts on the 14th of October, I'm excited for October because in about 5 days time, I'll be off to Bangkok and I can finally shop 'til I drop.

Before I start on the ECP outing I had with the peeps today, I would like to say that I'm so so so thankful for the friends that I have. It was until today I realise how important it is to have true friends instead of those fakies who only love to take advantage of you. And when you guys quarrel/ whatever, they'll just find the worst ways to get back at you. That's why people always say quality over quantity. What's the use of having so much friends when they all secretly hates you? Or just befriend with you cause they can benefit out of this friendship. And after they have benefited, they just screw you over. So yea, I'm really thankful for the friends that I have, and I hope it'll stay this way!

ECP with Jasmine, Shu Xuan and Jia Sheng today. Had such great time plus the wind is just awesome, especially the wind at Bedok Jetty, it's the best seriously. I actually can't cycle. No, actually I can but I'm afraid that I'll fall so I can't cycle for long with stopping. Cycled for less than an hour because we spent half of our time talking and slacking, however, once we returned the bicycle I feel so tired I just wanna sleep. Going SCAPE tomorrow for Airbrush tattoo, can't wait! x

Sunday, September 29, 2013

X Factor Bootcamp pt. 1

Ever since X Factor UK has started, Sundays and Mondays have been my favourite days of the week. Thanks to the time zone difference, I can only watch X Factor on YouTube by watching the performances they upload. Was so shocked that Hannah was not through to judges house, but there's always next year. Really hope she'll return next year! Also, every year judges would pick those talented and amazing singers to come back and form them into new groups. So there might still be chance that she will be through to judges homes?

Melanie and Sam's bootcamp performance was so amazing, especially Sam's! x

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Best friend

"Wherever you go, just always remember, you're never alone, we're birds of a feather. And we'll never change, no matter the weather. This is my oath to you." - Oath by Cher Lloyd

Met up with Nelle today at Tampines for lunch at Nando's. So happy and contented because I finally satisfied my Nando's craving. After that we walked around before heading to EXPO for MPH sale because Nelle's looking for book to read. After that, home sweet home! 

So apparently you can now google search using images, I tried by using the picture of me above and the top result is... (Btw, the second result for it is a picture of adam lambert. My self confidence just went from 0 to 3)


Divergent series.

"Weirdly, I enjoyed being knocked back at the beginning. 
Being told no so many times made being told yes that bit better." - Lily Collins

Got Divergent and Insurgent yesterday at the MPH sales and it was so cheap. Can't wait to start reading them after I finish City of Fallen Angels. Not gonna read MI anymore 'til I finish the other books that I wanna read since the last book will only be out next year while the next book for divergent will be out this October. (-: x

Friday, September 27, 2013

03 Class BBQ

"There's no pretending, I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there's a life after that, I'll love you then." - Jace

 Class BBQ at Faye's house yesterday, had such an amazing time there. Lot's of food, finally get to meet up with those whom I've never met up for so so long, and also hang out and stuff. This is the first time I actually 'cook' at a BBQ, and it's fun! (': So good to finally hang out with them again!

Also, 'What the fox says' is now stuck in my head thanks to the girls! 

Jing Yi | Me | Chelsi
Me | Melissa | Jingyi | Saf | Chelsi
Shu Xuan | Me | Jasmine Chong
Shu Xuan | Me | Chelsi
Shu Xuan | Me | Jasmine Chong
Chelsi | Me
Me | Chelsi | Melissa
Me | Chelsi
Faye | Me | Xiao Yun
With the girls!
Xiao Yun | Me | Xin Ying | Saf
Jasmine Chong | Shu Xuan | Me | Chelsi
Me | Melissa
With 03!
Me | Melissa
Saf | Me
Me | Xiao Yun
Jasmine Koh | Me | Faye
Jasmine Koh | Me | Faye

If you're wondering why the quality of most picture sucks, it's because of the front camera of iPhone 4s which sucks, so yea. Had so so so much fun, can't wait for the next Class BBQ! x

Thursday, September 26, 2013

James Arthur.

Best cover of Wrecking Ball, my favourite one yet. Better than the original too, I guess? It's so so emotional and amazing! I'm not really surprise because James Arthur always do brilliant covers of emotional songs like No more drama, Don't speak, Impossible, etc. I really don't think there's any cover of Wrecking ball out there right now that's better than his.

I really like his newest single  "You're nobody til somebody love you" but the unplugged version of it is much better than the original one. I think it's more calm, so I like it better? Fell in love with this song after listening to the unplugged version above. x

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rants ft. Wrecking Ball Director's cut

Hello whoever you are!
I am a shipper (A fan devoted to a paticular couple/pairing in a fandom) of Elounor and I've always wanted to say this but never really got the chance to. But then after watching a video on Tumblr that's dedicated to their relationship, and seeing the amount of hates the owner of the video got, I'm like I need to rant about this shit.

If you're someone who are like a fan of 1D, or just someone who keep a lookout on news about their relationship, you'll know that some Larry shippers just love calling her a 'beard' that's being hired by the management to cover up Louis and Harry relationship. Or that their relationship is fake. I honestly find this stupid and ridiculous. Anyone who keep a lookout on news about their relationship will know that they're together for nearly 2 years now, and usually relationships that might be for publicity or cover up in this case, wouldn't last for more than a year. Also, like what's being said in the video, if it is then why would she be so close to his family and friends? Why would his family and friends defend her?

The fact that Elounor used to have many HQ photos of them are one of the reason why people said that the whole relationship was for publicity. But hey, Payzer (Danielle and Liam), Miley and Liam, Lily and Jamie, Vanessa and Austin, also Selena and Justin have quite a lot of hq paparazzi shots too so are they fake too? The reason why Zayn and Perrie only have a little hq photos is because no one know where the heck is Zayn most of the time. Let's just admit it. And also if you guys didn't realised most of the time when a celeb couple get together, they will have hq pictures for a period of time. I've no idea why but yea. I've seen plenty of those for quite a lot of couple. Unless those who didn't want people to know that they're together.

Enough of trying to prove that Elounor's real. Now let's talk about how the girl who posted/ made the video got that much amount of hates. Firstly, that's so uncalled for and rude. Secondly, no one asked you to watch it. Thirdly, if you have nothing nice to say that shut up.

Lastly, If one day Louis was to come out and say that he's gay or if he actually said that Larry is real and stuff like that, I'll be very happy for them. If they're happy, then I am. So don't give me that homophobic shit because no, people ship this couple because they look so cute together, she makes him happy, blabla. So stop calling everyone that ship them together homophobic because we don't ship Larry. Cause that's fucking bullshit.

Truth hurts but they are happy, why can't you just accept it.

 Alright, now that I'm done the ranting...
I love Miley's Wrecking Ball because it's so emotional and I've always love songs that are emotional. Not really a big fan of her first music video for this, but her Director's cut is amazing as it's just her and her emotions, without any nudes, licking hammer, swinging around stuff, just her and her emotions. So good. Love it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Days filled with amazing news

"Nothing should be easy. Don't blame others. Dig deep and always try your best. Life is fun when it tests you. And never ever blame others." - Simon Cowell

Hello, whoever you are!
Okay so everyone who knows me will know what I live a fangirl life. I'm the type of person that fangirl a lot. And as a fangirl who fangirl over whoever I fangirl over, these few days have been amazing. From 5SOS new amazing music video "Wherever you are",

to Little Mix new amazing song 'Move' being released on radio (which by the way is so good, you guys should listen to it), to being followed by another one of my favourite XFactor UK contestant on Twitter,

to knowing that there's gonna be #WDGAFTour in Asia, which means that Singapore will most/ very very likely to be a part of it too, (which means being able to see Sam Pepper and MazziMaz)

to lastly, the release of Cher Lloyd's new music video, "I Wish". One of my favourite music video and song of hers. Can't wait for her new album, together with Little Mix's and One Direction's. 
I need money... x

Monday, September 23, 2013

F1 Qualifying Round

"Being alone was better than being in the company of others that didn't truly love you." 
- Princesspiamia 

F1 Qualifying Round on Saturday was amazing! Was lucky enough to get the chance to go because my friend has an additional ticket to F1 so, why not? No one says no to F1, and I've always always wanted to know what is it like to be at the race itself so yea. It's actually really loud but then I don't think it's loud enough to need ear plugs. 

 We were there very early so we decided to walk around and decide where to eat. 3/4 of the people there are westerners, which seriously makes me feel like I'm no longer in Singapore. It's a good thing. We walked around and everything is so overpriced there. There is the Esplanade Park Stage near the zone we're in and don't you think the picture above looks like something you'll see at Music Festival? I love it.

Dinner afterwards before proceeding to our zone. I was told that the race's gonna start at 7. But actually the real thing starts at 9. Those 2 hours are the most boring 2 hours in my entire life. But once they start, it was amazing! Managed to take a few pictures, it's not clear but it's the best that I could take. For the first two cars, I've no idea who they are but the third one's Vettel. I wanted to try and take Hamilton's but then I kept on failing because there are 2 person with that car design, the only difference is that Rosberg is wearing a neon yellow/ green helmet while Hamilton's wearing white. And by the time I saw the colour of the helmet, he's gone. There's once when I knew he's coming and then I tried taking photos of the car/ him, but he was too fast. I managed to get a blur picture of Vettel. So yea. x

Picture of the padang area before the race starts.