Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rants ft. Wrecking Ball Director's cut

Hello whoever you are!
I am a shipper (A fan devoted to a paticular couple/pairing in a fandom) of Elounor and I've always wanted to say this but never really got the chance to. But then after watching a video on Tumblr that's dedicated to their relationship, and seeing the amount of hates the owner of the video got, I'm like I need to rant about this shit.

If you're someone who are like a fan of 1D, or just someone who keep a lookout on news about their relationship, you'll know that some Larry shippers just love calling her a 'beard' that's being hired by the management to cover up Louis and Harry relationship. Or that their relationship is fake. I honestly find this stupid and ridiculous. Anyone who keep a lookout on news about their relationship will know that they're together for nearly 2 years now, and usually relationships that might be for publicity or cover up in this case, wouldn't last for more than a year. Also, like what's being said in the video, if it is then why would she be so close to his family and friends? Why would his family and friends defend her?

The fact that Elounor used to have many HQ photos of them are one of the reason why people said that the whole relationship was for publicity. But hey, Payzer (Danielle and Liam), Miley and Liam, Lily and Jamie, Vanessa and Austin, also Selena and Justin have quite a lot of hq paparazzi shots too so are they fake too? The reason why Zayn and Perrie only have a little hq photos is because no one know where the heck is Zayn most of the time. Let's just admit it. And also if you guys didn't realised most of the time when a celeb couple get together, they will have hq pictures for a period of time. I've no idea why but yea. I've seen plenty of those for quite a lot of couple. Unless those who didn't want people to know that they're together.

Enough of trying to prove that Elounor's real. Now let's talk about how the girl who posted/ made the video got that much amount of hates. Firstly, that's so uncalled for and rude. Secondly, no one asked you to watch it. Thirdly, if you have nothing nice to say that shut up.

Lastly, If one day Louis was to come out and say that he's gay or if he actually said that Larry is real and stuff like that, I'll be very happy for them. If they're happy, then I am. So don't give me that homophobic shit because no, people ship this couple because they look so cute together, she makes him happy, blabla. So stop calling everyone that ship them together homophobic because we don't ship Larry. Cause that's fucking bullshit.

Truth hurts but they are happy, why can't you just accept it.

 Alright, now that I'm done the ranting...
I love Miley's Wrecking Ball because it's so emotional and I've always love songs that are emotional. Not really a big fan of her first music video for this, but her Director's cut is amazing as it's just her and her emotions, without any nudes, licking hammer, swinging around stuff, just her and her emotions. So good. Love it.


  1. Nice blog! I've been a miley cyrus fan since HM and I honestly really like the song and video.