Monday, April 22, 2013

Simple, but effective. xoxoxoxoxo


Went out with Xinyu yesterday to scape. 
Aston's, walk around, Starbucks, walk around, Popeye's, camwhore and then we went home. No, actually she went home while I went Promenade there to meet fam for outback dinner. Good foood. They have like one of the best steaks ever. I love it. And then walk around for awhile and then home sweet home. Had a great day with Xinyu !! Thanks for your harry styles btw. (':



Had school today! After first lecture (Principle of Management), 03 surprised me with cake + all the super sweet post-its/note that they wrote. Really didn't expect this whole surprise cause we barely know each other and I even thought only like melissa and annisaa will know that it's my birthday today? Cause it's only a few days ago that they asked for each others birthdays and even I didn't really look at all the birthdays so i thought they won't too so... Thank you guys/girls so much for today and THE CAKE IS REALLY GOOD. love you guys. xoxo

With Melissa and Annisaa

This year's celebrations is definitely one of the best and simplest birthday celebrations ever.
Simple, but effective. Love you bffs/girls/guys! And thank you everyone for the wishes.
Okay, bye!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Early celebration with the 2 idiots above yesterday. Had a evening/night with them.
Went Nando's for dinner. Their service wasn't good at all lor, but i can never say no to Nando's  As long as they have my 1/4 chicken, I'm happy already. After that we went to walk around bugis junction, bugis plus and bugis street.  After that we went for cake+cupcake eating, then home-sweet-home. Love you girls, and thanks for yesterday! <3 

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


FOP DAY 01- Bonding games, etc.


I still can't really remember everyone's name... But yea, the people above are my classmates for 3 years. Never really got to talk to everyone but made friends with Annisaa, Melissa and Ninghuan. It started with bonding games and then some captain ball, lunch, some cheering and then amazing race. So tiring! Our group leader is jessie and renjie. They're really friendly and nice. Whoopwhoop. And yea pretty much it. Quite happy with my class actually hehe. But if Jiamin or mingmin is in 03, it will be better of course. And I love the freshmen package Adidas bag is so niceee. Lol okay bye.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pompoms- Jonas Brothers

More to love when your hands are free, baby put your pom poms down for me.
Come on shake it up 123, baby put your pom poms down for me.
When you move I fall to my knees, baby put your pom poms down for me
Come on shake it up 543, baby put your pom poms down for me.

The first time I heard this song, I'm like meh. But then now, I actually like it and the hook/chorus which is the 4 lines above... is stuck in my head. Alright bye.