Saturday, June 29, 2013

USS trip with the peeps.

USS with the girls above (left to right: Xiao Yun, Shu Xuan, Angie, and Hui Ling), Jia Qi, and her boyfriend yesterday after school and it was a really fun yet tiring day. And even though school just started this week, I feel like I haven't been having fun for a really long time. 

IT lessons for like 3 and a half hour before going to food court 2 for lunch. Laze around while the others played fun run while waiting for Shu xuan's dad to fetch us to vivo (thanks uncle!). 

& even though this is my 3rd trip to USS, it felt like the first time! We spent most of the time taking photos with every mascot we saw instead of rides this time round, but we did went for the transformers, cylon, mummy, and the dragon roller coaster ride. After that we went to Loui's signature pizza for dinner. The pizza is so biggggggg and delicious. Took some 'model' shots after dinner. Home sweet home afterwards.
That's all, bye!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

hugs and kisses xo.

Sigh oh sigh, school starts tomorrow.
Hopefully this term will be better than the previous one.
Excited to watch Monster University with the girls (whoever's going) on Tuesday, and also Seoul Garden with classmates next week. The only two things to look forward to for this term, for now. No more movie marathons, no more going out to shop, no more having fun. But yea, school starts tomorrow for me. Wish me luck.
Bye guys/ gals.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Haze was so bad so I stayed at home and watched the remaining Harry Potter that I didn't managed to finish on Monday. It was awesome, obviously. Actually wanted to watch Bend it like Beckham after that but I couldn't find the DVD even after searching the whole house, boo, so I watched Legally Blondes instead.

The haze today in the afternoon was worse than yesterday but then I've got no choice but to go for site visit because project... Sigh oh sigh. Went to walk around somerset before going over to orchard central  for the event. Walked around Orchard Central before heading to Ion. Walk around, Starbucks and then home sweet home.

& ermmm, I've always wondered if the "x" in xoxo is hugs or kisses.
Some people say that it's hugs, but some people say that it's kisses.
For me it's kisses though.
& imagine if I were to send people hugs, "oo". So weird.
Oh well, bye!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Nanny Diaries + Lazy Friday.

Just spent my whole day watching even more YouTube videos since I've already finished those whom I've subscribed to, and then I went and watched The Nanny Diaries on YouTube. It's actually pretty good. Actually wanted to watch Aladdin so I went YouTube to search for it because I've no Funshion in my laptop, but I only found the one that's being made in 1970s in english, so I didn't really watch it. And I found this movie somewhere in the sidebar thingy so.. why not.

Sam Pepper videos are awesome, almost as amazing as Caspar Lee's. Andy Samuel just created a YouTube channel too and I can't wait to watch his videos. I got a feeling that it'll be pretty great because he's funny, I think. Hahahaha. That's all, bye!

PS/. New Favorite Song: Don't let me go- Harry Styles ft.Sam McCarthy

Don't let me go- Harry styles ft Sam McCarthy

Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go cause I'm tired of feeling alone.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

40 Facts about me. (Because 50 is too much.)

1. I'm 17 this year.

2. I love dogs but am afraid of them.

3. I'm scared of the dark, holes and a bit of heights. And cats. And dogs.

4. Sometimes I wish that I'm a guy instead of a girl.

5. I have a huge celebrity crush on Harry Styles.

6. I think that Zayn Malik has one of the best voices for guys.

7. Ever since Primary 2 or 3, I've never cut short hair. My hair will always be longer than shoulder length.

8. I get annoyed when people are late. A few minutes is fine but... how can someone be late for half an hour or one hour? I don't get it.

9. I'm super super super lazy.

10. I'm currently studying Integrated Events and Project Management in Singapore Polytechnic.

11. I'm a free thinker. I believe a little bit of every religion.

12. I hate it when people don't know how to pick up their phones or when they don't reply texts.

13. I really like Eleanor and Zoella.

14. I really like Caspar Lee's videos, very funny.

15. I'm a very messy and unorganized person.

16. I have a brother who's 21.

17. I've always wanted to live in or at least visit Manchester/ London

18. I'm good at nothing. No hidden talents, nothing.

19. My favorite colour is black/ blue.

20. I'm 163.5 cm.

21. A few of my favorite movies are Wild Child, LOL (Miley's version), Another Cinderella Story and Legally blondes.

22. The first and only concert that I went to is Demi Lovato's.

23. I love pickles.

24. I have a diary. Oops.

25. I suck at comforting people. I've no idea what to say or what to do...

26. If I'm staying at home for the whole day alone, I will (most of the time) not go down for breakfast/ lunch. I'll either starve, eat some snacks, drink some milk, or eat instant noodles.

27. I love love love milk. I drink low fat Magnolia milk because I drink milk instead of plain water at home. And my mum says that if I kept drinking the normal one... I'll grow fat. Yea.

28. Reason why I drink milk instead of plain water is because I don't like plain water. I'll never drink plain water unless I'm really thirsty and there's no other drinks. Or when I don't mind drinking plain water all of a sudden and there's those super cold plain water. yea.

29. When I'm in Secondary 2/3/4, I wanted to learn Muay Thai so badly.

30. I contradict myself most of the time.

31. Whenever I go to bed, I can never fall asleep until like half an hour later or an hour later.

32. And because of that, I started reading teen/fan fiction because if I don't read something, I'll start thinking about shits and then it sucks.

33. The song that I've listened and loved the longest is Don't forget.

34. My current top favorite song is Like Me Slightly by Max Milner.

35. I'm a very awkward person.

36. I find accents and british slang very interesting.

37. I've 3 exes.

38. Ever since that year, I never wanna get attached again unless I.. yea. My fault actually, for two. Or maybe just one. Oops.

39. Favorite restaurant at the moment: NANDO'S.

40. I have broad shoulders.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Universal Studios with the girls.


Had lots of fun at USS yesterday with Annissa and Melissa!!
Finally got the time to go for both rides and sightseeing. And now, even if I've got any other places I've yet seen or have any rides I've yet visit, I can always go next time because I've finally made my season pass! Wooots. Big fan of the Mummy ride! We went for so many times that we know where to pose for the camera. After that we went for the Human and Cylon ride. The alien one was so much better!! Went to walk around and take other rides. After that we went to Mel's diner for lunch. And then we continue walking around and continue riding the mummy ride and cylon rollercoaster! :) 

Nothing much to talk about actually but it was just a really fun day!