Friday, June 14, 2013

The Nanny Diaries + Lazy Friday.

Just spent my whole day watching even more YouTube videos since I've already finished those whom I've subscribed to, and then I went and watched The Nanny Diaries on YouTube. It's actually pretty good. Actually wanted to watch Aladdin so I went YouTube to search for it because I've no Funshion in my laptop, but I only found the one that's being made in 1970s in english, so I didn't really watch it. And I found this movie somewhere in the sidebar thingy so.. why not.

Sam Pepper videos are awesome, almost as amazing as Caspar Lee's. Andy Samuel just created a YouTube channel too and I can't wait to watch his videos. I got a feeling that it'll be pretty great because he's funny, I think. Hahahaha. That's all, bye!

PS/. New Favorite Song: Don't let me go- Harry Styles ft.Sam McCarthy

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