Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feels like a Friday to me.

Done with Gen Ed presentation on Monday, which is actually just yesterday, Mr Roy said it was good but then I'm afraid he's the kind who say that it's good but actually, he thinks that it's just meh... Y'know. Anyways, had press release EMC test today and ... I really hope I'll get the result that I wanted but... Oh well.

Lunch at Strictly Pancakes with Melissa, Chelsi, Hui Ling, Shuxuan, Jingyi, Camille, Jasmine, Jiaqi and Jia Sheng. It was amazing, in love with their Nutella Milkshake! Walked to Bugis to play pool after that with the peeps, except for Jing Yi who had to leave early :-(. Had lots of fun, & Bugis Plus after that before going home.

Done with all of the presentations, left with mugging to do. Sigh oh sigh.
Alright, bye!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Had a great day today, even though it started horribly. Had materials presentation today and to be honest, even though my presentation wasn't that good, it's definitely one of my best presentations ever. Most likely because I'm not holding any cards/ paper so I can't see myself shaking. But yea.

Had lunch with my "sister from another mister", Nelle, after school at Bugis Plus Astons. 
Had an amazing time. It's always good whenever I meet up with her, wooots.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My favorite people.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best song ever, best video ever.

Watch it, love it, refresh it!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What happened these 2 days


Just a normal, typical Monday in school.


 Went Annisaa's house to buka puasa with her and saf! Had an amazing time with The Looneys there. Oh! And I had my first ever LRT experience! (-:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

13 July!

 Happy Birthday Nelle! Have an amazing day today!!!

Amazing day with Nelle yesterday! Luge > Dinner > Home.
Simple but effective, I hope!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Despicable Me 2

School this week was pretty alright. Same old same old. 
Went to watch with Despicable Me 2 with 5/6 of the Looneys. Had so much fun. 
The minions and Agnes are so cute! The movie was funny tooooo.

Finally got the overalls and sandals that I've ordered from Cotton on and I'm really satisfied and happy with it. Apart from the fact that my overall is slightly big, and that even if I were to change to a size smaller, I got a major feeling that it'll be tight. Plus I've seen no overalls in stores so... Yay! Finally got my overalls!

That's all, bye!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Thursday was same old same old. 
Went for bowling after school with Shuxuan, and it was better than I thought.
Had dinner at foodcourt 5 afterwards.

Friday was amazing! IT class till 12, and off to Clementi Mall for PT Lunch with 03. Had an amazing time!
Spent most of our time chit chatting, eating and taking pictures. Woots. Had rainbow cake for our "dessert" and to celebrate the birthdays of the June and July babies. JEM after Seoul Garden with Melissa, Shuxuan, Jasmine and Jiaqi. Bought this H&M top that I really really like but I'm afraid that I'll look weird. Bugis after that to get "Billy and Me". That's all bye!!

Love these 6 girls. <3
(top to bottom, left to right: Me, Xiao Yun, Melissa, Saf, Chelsi, Annisaa and Hui Ling)

"Billy and Me"! Finally found it.
It was sold out at many places I went to, and the one that I bought at Bugis was the last one!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Term 2, week 2.

This few days has been great, tiring and amazing.

Highlights of the week, woots!
Monday: Learned the cup song during Gen Ed because Mr Roy was sick.
Tuesday: Karaoke in school with 5/6 of The Looneys, Shuxuan, Jiaqi, Wanyee and Jiasheng.
Wednesday: Amazing and inspirational talk by The Flying Dutchman from Class 95.

The talk by The Flying Dutchman is really great and inspirational, and now I know what to expect from this course that I'm taking and the career path. Such a bitter sweet one. Hopefully I'll find the passion for event managing soon. And I should learn to meet those important requirement of event managers. lol.


Eleanor's so gorgeous it's unfair!
Oh and thanks to her I really wanna read the book 'Billy and me' that she recommended. Nothing much, bye!!