Thursday, July 4, 2013

Term 2, week 2.

This few days has been great, tiring and amazing.

Highlights of the week, woots!
Monday: Learned the cup song during Gen Ed because Mr Roy was sick.
Tuesday: Karaoke in school with 5/6 of The Looneys, Shuxuan, Jiaqi, Wanyee and Jiasheng.
Wednesday: Amazing and inspirational talk by The Flying Dutchman from Class 95.

The talk by The Flying Dutchman is really great and inspirational, and now I know what to expect from this course that I'm taking and the career path. Such a bitter sweet one. Hopefully I'll find the passion for event managing soon. And I should learn to meet those important requirement of event managers. lol.


Eleanor's so gorgeous it's unfair!
Oh and thanks to her I really wanna read the book 'Billy and me' that she recommended. Nothing much, bye!!