Saturday, June 29, 2013

USS trip with the peeps.

USS with the girls above (left to right: Xiao Yun, Shu Xuan, Angie, and Hui Ling), Jia Qi, and her boyfriend yesterday after school and it was a really fun yet tiring day. And even though school just started this week, I feel like I haven't been having fun for a really long time. 

IT lessons for like 3 and a half hour before going to food court 2 for lunch. Laze around while the others played fun run while waiting for Shu xuan's dad to fetch us to vivo (thanks uncle!). 

& even though this is my 3rd trip to USS, it felt like the first time! We spent most of the time taking photos with every mascot we saw instead of rides this time round, but we did went for the transformers, cylon, mummy, and the dragon roller coaster ride. After that we went to Loui's signature pizza for dinner. The pizza is so biggggggg and delicious. Took some 'model' shots after dinner. Home sweet home afterwards.
That's all, bye!!