Thursday, October 31, 2013

My iPhone Life - October
(Inspired by Sprinkleofglitter)

My iPhone Life for October, inspired by Sprinkleofglitter.
1. Baked Salmon at Ikea.
2. Ikea Lunch with the peeps.
3. Boys Like Girls concert (Martin).
4. Fish & Co. with the class apart from 4 who were busy.
5. Astons dinner with Jannelle.
6. Me and Jannelle being the idiots that we are.
7. Shu Xuan and Jia Sheng discussing during Event Experience.
8. Coming up with games during Event Experience.
9. #ootd with Chelsi today - Band Tees
10. During First Aid/ Fire Extinguisher/ CPR 'lessons' today! (':
11. Saf model shot last friday!
12. Vocal Talent A capella night last friday.
13. Chelsi's birthday bash on Monday


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jonas Brothers Split.

So I guess it's official, the Jonas Brothers has decided to split. Believe it or not, it's actually such a shock and also a depressing news for me to take in. I'm not a Jonas fan anymore but I used to be one. And you know, once you're a fan girl of a certain artist, you're stuck for life. Yes, you might not be a fan of theirs anymore but they would still matter to you. I've no idea what else to say but pass a hug people.

What's worse is that I know one day it'll be One Direction's turn and I've no idea how I would take the news. Neither do I know when the day would come. Yes, it might still be a long way to go maybe but I can't stop thinking about it today and it's making my heart ache. And also, the thing is when you've found the band that you'll love endlessly, you'll have this feeling/ vibe in you that tells you that they're the one and that you'll stand by them no matter what. I felt that ever since I found out about those 5 boys.

Y'know the thing is that people might find that it's crazy, silly, stupid of you to feel that way for a band or to be this depressed/ emotional over a band, but it's not, you're not. It's never wrong/ silly/ stupid of you to feel that way, it's just that they don't understand how people like you feel. It's never ever silly to be a fan girl. Just because people don't understand, doesn't mean it's "stupid" or "wrong" or "crazy" or whatever. Well unless you're really to the extreme then it's... a different story.

'Til next time! x

10 Things I Hate About You

One of the must-watch movie of all time, seriously! I've watched it like months ago but I came around these gifs just now and decided to blog about it. The movie is so good, kinda boring at the start but still really good. Can't stop bawling my eyes out during this scene. It's just... Everyone should watch this movie, at least once! x

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Top 5 favourite artists. (Boy/Girl/Band)

1. One Direction 

I think it's pretty obvious that One Direction will be in my top 5 favourite artist list? There's something about them and their music that just make you smile/ make your day better. I love them so so so so much I don't think anyone actually know/ understand how much they mean to me. I've no idea what to expect for Midnight Memories and Story of My Life Music video which by the way is coming out tomorrow. Something really new and different from their previous albums, can't wait!

2. Little Mix

Little Mix. Little Mix is one of my favourite girl band ever! They're so so down to earth, weird in a good way and just really nice people (from what I see). Their songs are more or less relate-able, their friendships are so sweet and cute and I just love them. Salute, their latest album, will also be released on 11 November 2013 so again, I can't wait/

3. Demi Lovato

One of my favourite artist ever. Her songs are so emotional and relate-able. She's so so inspirational. She's just perf. Her newest album Demi is perfect and the songs are just wow. Really hope that she will return to Singapore again for Neon Lights Tour this time round.

3. Ed Sheeran

My favourite ginger guy, Ed Sheeran. Hmmm what to say about him.. He's a lyrical genius who wrote fantastic songs like Little things, The A Team, Kiss Me, Wake Me Up, etc. His songs make me smile, and little things is just perf. Like I love every single part of it. Waiting for his next album patiently now.

4. 5 SOS

5 SOS, a band that I love so so so so much right now and a band that I wouldn't have found out if it wasn't for the Take Me Home concert and I can't be more thankful for Take Me Home concert because of this. They have such amazing songs which I'm so obsessed with for god knows how long. Also apparently their new album will be out SOON. Yea soon. Can't wait!

5. Cher Lloyd

Lastly, Cher Lloyd. She has songs that are really emotional and songs that just make you wanna dance. Her voice are insanely good. And I just really really like her. Her style, her voice, her songs. Looking forward to her new album! 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sam Bailey (Live Shows 1-3)

As most of you guys know or none of you guys know, Sam Bailey has been my top top favourite ever since Hannah and Melanie were being sent home. Since X Factor UK is only aired at 3 am in the morning due to timezone, I always have to wait til when I wake up to watch them. And what makes me watch the videos of the performances is if the song is a song that I know/ love or that the person is my favourite.

Sam Bailey has always been one of my favourites, she has such amazing voice. Also, for all 3 live shows she performed songs that I've been loving. The Power of Love which I've been kinda obsessed with during Bend it Like Beckham, Make You Feel My Love which is like one of my favourite song and this week My Heart Will Go On which is like one of my favourite songs too because... Titanic. Also I've no idea what, but she never failed to wow me every performance. Really hope she win. If it was all up to the judges, Sam Bailey will win but since it's all up to vote, I don't know if she will win, not because she isn't good because she is but because most people usually vote for the groups/ girls / boys. Also til now I've never seen a over-25 win the X Factor after 2004 so... fingers crossed! x

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A capella Night

Hello whoever you are!
I apologized for not updating regularly anymore because I've been really busy with school stuff this week and there's nothing really exciting to blog about. Classes, meetings with the Bonding Day committee, make up lessons and the normal everyday school stuff. Days are also longer this week which is just tiring and sad. At least I will have a home-based learning week on Week 4, hopefully I'll be able to rest and laze at home then. Anyway, went to vocal talent's A cappella night yesterday and it was amazing, really great. The beat-boxing was super cool, and many of them have such amazing amazing voice!  

After the A cappella night, we (Safwanah , Annisaa, Annisaa's boyfriend, Melissa and I) went to get coffee bean at Bugis plus and just laze around. Had so much fun with the peeps last night! Also...

Happy Birthday Chelsi!! Hope you had an amazing time yesterday.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quick Update ft. Royals

Can't stop listening to the 'Royals' cover by Madilyn Bailey and Megan Nicole, it's so good. School has been really tiring and weird because I really don't know what's happening. It's like everyone else and I speak two different languages. I'm so tired of this term already and it's only the second week. Pray for better weeks/days ahead. x

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ion Orchard Autumn/ Winter Fashion Concert Pt 2.

Heh-lowww, before I start I just wanna say that as a fan of Youtubers like Zoella who are in the whole "Just say yes" project by some organisation, I've learned to slowly saying yes to stuff that I usually or used not wanna say yes to. Also, I've learned that as long as the things you do won't cause harm to yourself or anyone else, you should learn to say yes because what are the worst thing that could happen? Take a chance. 

For example, you may go with a certain mindset and leave with another. I went thinking that since it's a friday night, why not go for their concert to watch them live, maybe they might even perform songs that I've heard on the radio or if I'm lucky enough, they might play Two Is Better Than One and Love Drunk. But then I left loving like every single song even though some of them I've never heard before, I had such an amazing amazing time there and they played songs like Two Is Beter Than One, Love Drunk, Thunder, Great Escape. I almost cried when they performed TIBTO because when I was like around 13/ 14, I was like so so obsessed with that song and it was that song that I've always really really wanted to watch them perform live, and on Friday I managed to! 

Ok so after the Fashion Runway ended and that all the guitars and equipment are placed properly, the concert started!! Had such an amazing time, sang along to songs that I know or if I don't I'll just sway and start singing along to chorus after I know the lyrics. They were so brilliant live I just... 

 Paul!! x

 Martin!!! That girl is so so so lucky!
 I know it's a really blur photo, but you see how close he is from me?! And he passed (not throw) a pick to the couple that was in front of us. So happy for them because the guy was like asking for the pick from Martin lots of times and Martin finally gave it to him! 
For an iPhone picture, it's a very clear picture of John! xo

After the whole concert we didn't wanted to leave because we really wanted to get the guitar picks so we stayed in case there's any left and they decided to give them to us. Not long later the boys came out to take pictures with the VIPS. Managed to get a picture with both John and Morgan and their autograph too! Didn't manage to get picture with Paul and Martin because they were rushing I guess. Had such an awesome night, thank you Boys Like Girls. x