Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jonas Brothers Split.

So I guess it's official, the Jonas Brothers has decided to split. Believe it or not, it's actually such a shock and also a depressing news for me to take in. I'm not a Jonas fan anymore but I used to be one. And you know, once you're a fan girl of a certain artist, you're stuck for life. Yes, you might not be a fan of theirs anymore but they would still matter to you. I've no idea what else to say but pass a hug people.

What's worse is that I know one day it'll be One Direction's turn and I've no idea how I would take the news. Neither do I know when the day would come. Yes, it might still be a long way to go maybe but I can't stop thinking about it today and it's making my heart ache. And also, the thing is when you've found the band that you'll love endlessly, you'll have this feeling/ vibe in you that tells you that they're the one and that you'll stand by them no matter what. I felt that ever since I found out about those 5 boys.

Y'know the thing is that people might find that it's crazy, silly, stupid of you to feel that way for a band or to be this depressed/ emotional over a band, but it's not, you're not. It's never wrong/ silly/ stupid of you to feel that way, it's just that they don't understand how people like you feel. It's never ever silly to be a fan girl. Just because people don't understand, doesn't mean it's "stupid" or "wrong" or "crazy" or whatever. Well unless you're really to the extreme then it's... a different story.

'Til next time! x

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