Thursday, October 31, 2013

My iPhone Life - October
(Inspired by Sprinkleofglitter)

My iPhone Life for October, inspired by Sprinkleofglitter.
1. Baked Salmon at Ikea.
2. Ikea Lunch with the peeps.
3. Boys Like Girls concert (Martin).
4. Fish & Co. with the class apart from 4 who were busy.
5. Astons dinner with Jannelle.
6. Me and Jannelle being the idiots that we are.
7. Shu Xuan and Jia Sheng discussing during Event Experience.
8. Coming up with games during Event Experience.
9. #ootd with Chelsi today - Band Tees
10. During First Aid/ Fire Extinguisher/ CPR 'lessons' today! (':
11. Saf model shot last friday!
12. Vocal Talent A capella night last friday.
13. Chelsi's birthday bash on Monday


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