Monday, October 21, 2013

Ion Orchard Autumn/ Winter Fashion Concert Pt 2.

Heh-lowww, before I start I just wanna say that as a fan of Youtubers like Zoella who are in the whole "Just say yes" project by some organisation, I've learned to slowly saying yes to stuff that I usually or used not wanna say yes to. Also, I've learned that as long as the things you do won't cause harm to yourself or anyone else, you should learn to say yes because what are the worst thing that could happen? Take a chance. 

For example, you may go with a certain mindset and leave with another. I went thinking that since it's a friday night, why not go for their concert to watch them live, maybe they might even perform songs that I've heard on the radio or if I'm lucky enough, they might play Two Is Better Than One and Love Drunk. But then I left loving like every single song even though some of them I've never heard before, I had such an amazing amazing time there and they played songs like Two Is Beter Than One, Love Drunk, Thunder, Great Escape. I almost cried when they performed TIBTO because when I was like around 13/ 14, I was like so so obsessed with that song and it was that song that I've always really really wanted to watch them perform live, and on Friday I managed to! 

Ok so after the Fashion Runway ended and that all the guitars and equipment are placed properly, the concert started!! Had such an amazing time, sang along to songs that I know or if I don't I'll just sway and start singing along to chorus after I know the lyrics. They were so brilliant live I just... 

 Paul!! x

 Martin!!! That girl is so so so lucky!
 I know it's a really blur photo, but you see how close he is from me?! And he passed (not throw) a pick to the couple that was in front of us. So happy for them because the guy was like asking for the pick from Martin lots of times and Martin finally gave it to him! 
For an iPhone picture, it's a very clear picture of John! xo

After the whole concert we didn't wanted to leave because we really wanted to get the guitar picks so we stayed in case there's any left and they decided to give them to us. Not long later the boys came out to take pictures with the VIPS. Managed to get a picture with both John and Morgan and their autograph too! Didn't manage to get picture with Paul and Martin because they were rushing I guess. Had such an awesome night, thank you Boys Like Girls. x