Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ion Orchard Autumn/ Winter Fashion Concert Pt 1.

Hello everybody!!
On Friday, we (Chelsi, Jasmine and I) decided to go to the Ion Orchard Autumn/ Winter Fashion Concert because Boys Like Girls will be performing there and it's open for public so why not! We arrived at around 3 plus 4, and waited till 5 to get into the "fans section". Thought that the whole fashion show and concert will start at like 7 but then it only started at like 7:45/ 8pm. We were really lucky because we were like 2 or 3 rows behind the barricades which is really near the stage. Met 2 of the nicest people and the biggest fans of Boys Like Girls! 

VIPs and the Media peeps (those sitting) started arriving at like 6:30pm. We were all so thirsty and tired because we couldn't really sit due to the lack of space, while they are over there sitting, drinking and snacking. )-: hahah. After waiting for more than an hour, the fashion show finally started! 

Here are some of the pictures. Please bare with the bad quality photos, all I have was an iPhone 4s so... Anyway, I regretted spending so much battery and effort taking the photos of the models because near the middle/ end of Boys Like Girls concert, my phone died. It was one or two song(s) before Two Is Better Than One, do you know how sad I was? Part 2 (a.k.a concert) of Ion Fashion Concert another time, goodbye! x

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