Saturday, October 19, 2013

School days ft. Madilyn Bailey

First week of school was so boring!! I don't get most class and I'm like so lost right now in school I've no idea what's going on most of the time which scares me. Had lunch at the Ikea at Alexandra Road with the people above (L-R: Xiao Yun, Me, Jingyi, Melissa, Camille, Shuxuan, Jasmine) on Thursday before school starts. Had their baked salmon which was really nice. Thank god I changed to mash potato because the potato vege thingy that they gave was disgusting. 

Yesterday started horribly, lessons were so dry and boring and people are so annoying (I think it's because I've not enough sleep or whatever). Not only that, after lunch I kept having the vomiting feeling so I was so not in the mood in school. But the day ended really awesomely because I went for the Ion Orchard Autumn/ Winter 2013 Concert, featuring Boys Like Girls. Had one of the best nights ever! Shall blog about it soon!

Madilyn Bailey is currently my favourite "Music/cover-related" Youtuber. Her covers are all so so amazing and brilliant. You guys should go watch them! x

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