Thursday, October 17, 2013

10 Tumblr Blogs that I love

1. Eleanor Calder Style

The reason why this is one of my top top favourite Tumblr blogs is because they are two of the nicest people I've talked to (kinda) on Tumblr and they are really nice when it comes to helping people out with inspired outfits for concerts, school, dates, etc. Also, they do (I think) reblog a lot of Eleanor related pictures and post too so yea, I really really like them. 

2. Lily Collins Style

I really really love lily collins after I started noticing her (cause COB). One of my favourite thing about lily is her style. Same thing, lily-collins-style works the same way eleanor-calder-style do, helping people with inspire outfits and also answer questions related to Lily?

3. Kissgoodby-ee

Another one of my top top top top favourites for Tumblr Blog, kissgoodby-ee. It's Melissa's tumblr which I absolutely love and always reblog from because her posts can be about everything. From One Direction, to food, to Taylor Swift, to Demi Lovato, to Hipster kind of shots, to quotes, to sassy funny ones. Wide range of posts, so it's really awesome! *thumbs up!*

4. Lightmeupxo

Another one of my top top top favourites too! Jasmine's tumblr. Love it so so so much, it's like Melissa's one which is also filled with many different type of posts. What I really really love about her tumblr is that she reblogged lots of hot guys like Jamie Bower, One Direction and Dylan O'brien. Others too but I don't really remember them. 

5. The5boysnews

I think it's pretty obvious the reason why I really really love this tumblr blog is because it's an update blog for One Direction. They are like so efficient like they update really really quick so if I'm not on twitter and am on Tumblr, I get my news of the boys here. Also they have lots of concert videos or just videos of the boys which I really really love. 

6. Tyleroakley
Tyler Oakley's tumblr blog is just... Tyler Oakley. And I like Tyler Oakley so I like his blog.

7. Fiftyshadesofsiena

Another one of my top top top top top favourites for Tumblr Blogs is Siena's. She's more of a style blogger, her style is amazing and I really love the outfits that she wore so I really love her blog. I even follow her on instagram. Anyway, another reason why I really love her blog is because she really like Mortal Instruments and Ashton Irwin too so I reblogged a lot of pictures of them through her. She's so gorgeous too!

8. Calderholic

It's one of my favourites because I get all of Eleanor's "news" through her. Like on Twitter and on Tumblr. She post and reblogged lots and lots of Eleanor stuff so I really like this blog!

9. Peazerholic

Same reason as why I really like Calderholic. The news and her pictures. As most/everyone/none of you knows, Danielle no longer dates Liam so updates account on twitter don't really post anything about her anymore so this is the blog where I know what's going on with her like dance and stuff. Btw, she's dancing for Jay Z soon, so proud! 

10. Littlemixbandfacts
This blog is where I get my little mix news/ updates and random facts about them so I really like it. 

So yea! These are my 10 favourite Tumblr Blogs. Hope you guys don't find this post interesting. 
Love youuuu. x

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