Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sam Bailey (Live Shows 1-3)

As most of you guys know or none of you guys know, Sam Bailey has been my top top favourite ever since Hannah and Melanie were being sent home. Since X Factor UK is only aired at 3 am in the morning due to timezone, I always have to wait til when I wake up to watch them. And what makes me watch the videos of the performances is if the song is a song that I know/ love or that the person is my favourite.

Sam Bailey has always been one of my favourites, she has such amazing voice. Also, for all 3 live shows she performed songs that I've been loving. The Power of Love which I've been kinda obsessed with during Bend it Like Beckham, Make You Feel My Love which is like one of my favourite song and this week My Heart Will Go On which is like one of my favourite songs too because... Titanic. Also I've no idea what, but she never failed to wow me every performance. Really hope she win. If it was all up to the judges, Sam Bailey will win but since it's all up to vote, I don't know if she will win, not because she isn't good because she is but because most people usually vote for the groups/ girls / boys. Also til now I've never seen a over-25 win the X Factor after 2004 so... fingers crossed! x

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