Saturday, October 26, 2013

A capella Night

Hello whoever you are!
I apologized for not updating regularly anymore because I've been really busy with school stuff this week and there's nothing really exciting to blog about. Classes, meetings with the Bonding Day committee, make up lessons and the normal everyday school stuff. Days are also longer this week which is just tiring and sad. At least I will have a home-based learning week on Week 4, hopefully I'll be able to rest and laze at home then. Anyway, went to vocal talent's A cappella night yesterday and it was amazing, really great. The beat-boxing was super cool, and many of them have such amazing amazing voice!  

After the A cappella night, we (Safwanah , Annisaa, Annisaa's boyfriend, Melissa and I) went to get coffee bean at Bugis plus and just laze around. Had so much fun with the peeps last night! Also...

Happy Birthday Chelsi!! Hope you had an amazing time yesterday.


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