Saturday, July 6, 2013


Thursday was same old same old. 
Went for bowling after school with Shuxuan, and it was better than I thought.
Had dinner at foodcourt 5 afterwards.

Friday was amazing! IT class till 12, and off to Clementi Mall for PT Lunch with 03. Had an amazing time!
Spent most of our time chit chatting, eating and taking pictures. Woots. Had rainbow cake for our "dessert" and to celebrate the birthdays of the June and July babies. JEM after Seoul Garden with Melissa, Shuxuan, Jasmine and Jiaqi. Bought this H&M top that I really really like but I'm afraid that I'll look weird. Bugis after that to get "Billy and Me". That's all bye!!

Love these 6 girls. <3
(top to bottom, left to right: Me, Xiao Yun, Melissa, Saf, Chelsi, Annisaa and Hui Ling)

"Billy and Me"! Finally found it.
It was sold out at many places I went to, and the one that I bought at Bugis was the last one!!!