Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feels like a Friday to me.

Done with Gen Ed presentation on Monday, which is actually just yesterday, Mr Roy said it was good but then I'm afraid he's the kind who say that it's good but actually, he thinks that it's just meh... Y'know. Anyways, had press release EMC test today and ... I really hope I'll get the result that I wanted but... Oh well.

Lunch at Strictly Pancakes with Melissa, Chelsi, Hui Ling, Shuxuan, Jingyi, Camille, Jasmine, Jiaqi and Jia Sheng. It was amazing, in love with their Nutella Milkshake! Walked to Bugis to play pool after that with the peeps, except for Jing Yi who had to leave early :-(. Had lots of fun, & Bugis Plus after that before going home.

Done with all of the presentations, left with mugging to do. Sigh oh sigh.
Alright, bye!