Thursday, June 13, 2013

40 Facts about me. (Because 50 is too much.)

1. I'm 17 this year.

2. I love dogs but am afraid of them.

3. I'm scared of the dark, holes and a bit of heights. And cats. And dogs.

4. Sometimes I wish that I'm a guy instead of a girl.

5. I have a huge celebrity crush on Harry Styles.

6. I think that Zayn Malik has one of the best voices for guys.

7. Ever since Primary 2 or 3, I've never cut short hair. My hair will always be longer than shoulder length.

8. I get annoyed when people are late. A few minutes is fine but... how can someone be late for half an hour or one hour? I don't get it.

9. I'm super super super lazy.

10. I'm currently studying Integrated Events and Project Management in Singapore Polytechnic.

11. I'm a free thinker. I believe a little bit of every religion.

12. I hate it when people don't know how to pick up their phones or when they don't reply texts.

13. I really like Eleanor and Zoella.

14. I really like Caspar Lee's videos, very funny.

15. I'm a very messy and unorganized person.

16. I have a brother who's 21.

17. I've always wanted to live in or at least visit Manchester/ London

18. I'm good at nothing. No hidden talents, nothing.

19. My favorite colour is black/ blue.

20. I'm 163.5 cm.

21. A few of my favorite movies are Wild Child, LOL (Miley's version), Another Cinderella Story and Legally blondes.

22. The first and only concert that I went to is Demi Lovato's.

23. I love pickles.

24. I have a diary. Oops.

25. I suck at comforting people. I've no idea what to say or what to do...

26. If I'm staying at home for the whole day alone, I will (most of the time) not go down for breakfast/ lunch. I'll either starve, eat some snacks, drink some milk, or eat instant noodles.

27. I love love love milk. I drink low fat Magnolia milk because I drink milk instead of plain water at home. And my mum says that if I kept drinking the normal one... I'll grow fat. Yea.

28. Reason why I drink milk instead of plain water is because I don't like plain water. I'll never drink plain water unless I'm really thirsty and there's no other drinks. Or when I don't mind drinking plain water all of a sudden and there's those super cold plain water. yea.

29. When I'm in Secondary 2/3/4, I wanted to learn Muay Thai so badly.

30. I contradict myself most of the time.

31. Whenever I go to bed, I can never fall asleep until like half an hour later or an hour later.

32. And because of that, I started reading teen/fan fiction because if I don't read something, I'll start thinking about shits and then it sucks.

33. The song that I've listened and loved the longest is Don't forget.

34. My current top favorite song is Like Me Slightly by Max Milner.

35. I'm a very awkward person.

36. I find accents and british slang very interesting.

37. I've 3 exes.

38. Ever since that year, I never wanna get attached again unless I.. yea. My fault actually, for two. Or maybe just one. Oops.

39. Favorite restaurant at the moment: NANDO'S.

40. I have broad shoulders.

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