Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Universal Studios with the girls.


Had lots of fun at USS yesterday with Annissa and Melissa!!
Finally got the time to go for both rides and sightseeing. And now, even if I've got any other places I've yet seen or have any rides I've yet visit, I can always go next time because I've finally made my season pass! Wooots. Big fan of the Mummy ride! We went for so many times that we know where to pose for the camera. After that we went for the Human and Cylon ride. The alien one was so much better!! Went to walk around and take other rides. After that we went to Mel's diner for lunch. And then we continue walking around and continue riding the mummy ride and cylon rollercoaster! :) 

Nothing much to talk about actually but it was just a really fun day!