Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Days filled with amazing news

"Nothing should be easy. Don't blame others. Dig deep and always try your best. Life is fun when it tests you. And never ever blame others." - Simon Cowell

Hello, whoever you are!
Okay so everyone who knows me will know what I live a fangirl life. I'm the type of person that fangirl a lot. And as a fangirl who fangirl over whoever I fangirl over, these few days have been amazing. From 5SOS new amazing music video "Wherever you are",

to Little Mix new amazing song 'Move' being released on radio (which by the way is so good, you guys should listen to it), to being followed by another one of my favourite XFactor UK contestant on Twitter,

to knowing that there's gonna be #WDGAFTour in Asia, which means that Singapore will most/ very very likely to be a part of it too, (which means being able to see Sam Pepper and MazziMaz)

to lastly, the release of Cher Lloyd's new music video, "I Wish". One of my favourite music video and song of hers. Can't wait for her new album, together with Little Mix's and One Direction's. 
I need money... x

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