Monday, September 23, 2013

F1 Qualifying Round

"Being alone was better than being in the company of others that didn't truly love you." 
- Princesspiamia 

F1 Qualifying Round on Saturday was amazing! Was lucky enough to get the chance to go because my friend has an additional ticket to F1 so, why not? No one says no to F1, and I've always always wanted to know what is it like to be at the race itself so yea. It's actually really loud but then I don't think it's loud enough to need ear plugs. 

 We were there very early so we decided to walk around and decide where to eat. 3/4 of the people there are westerners, which seriously makes me feel like I'm no longer in Singapore. It's a good thing. We walked around and everything is so overpriced there. There is the Esplanade Park Stage near the zone we're in and don't you think the picture above looks like something you'll see at Music Festival? I love it.

Dinner afterwards before proceeding to our zone. I was told that the race's gonna start at 7. But actually the real thing starts at 9. Those 2 hours are the most boring 2 hours in my entire life. But once they start, it was amazing! Managed to take a few pictures, it's not clear but it's the best that I could take. For the first two cars, I've no idea who they are but the third one's Vettel. I wanted to try and take Hamilton's but then I kept on failing because there are 2 person with that car design, the only difference is that Rosberg is wearing a neon yellow/ green helmet while Hamilton's wearing white. And by the time I saw the colour of the helmet, he's gone. There's once when I knew he's coming and then I tried taking photos of the car/ him, but he was too fast. I managed to get a blur picture of Vettel. So yea. x

Picture of the padang area before the race starts.

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