Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September ft. ECP with peeps.

"Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends." - Twitter

Hello whoever you are!
Yeeep, it's the last day of September and my semester holiday is ending soon, sighh. September has been an amazing and relaxing month. However, even though school starts on the 14th of October, I'm excited for October because in about 5 days time, I'll be off to Bangkok and I can finally shop 'til I drop.

Before I start on the ECP outing I had with the peeps today, I would like to say that I'm so so so thankful for the friends that I have. It was until today I realise how important it is to have true friends instead of those fakies who only love to take advantage of you. And when you guys quarrel/ whatever, they'll just find the worst ways to get back at you. That's why people always say quality over quantity. What's the use of having so much friends when they all secretly hates you? Or just befriend with you cause they can benefit out of this friendship. And after they have benefited, they just screw you over. So yea, I'm really thankful for the friends that I have, and I hope it'll stay this way!

ECP with Jasmine, Shu Xuan and Jia Sheng today. Had such great time plus the wind is just awesome, especially the wind at Bedok Jetty, it's the best seriously. I actually can't cycle. No, actually I can but I'm afraid that I'll fall so I can't cycle for long with stopping. Cycled for less than an hour because we spent half of our time talking and slacking, however, once we returned the bicycle I feel so tired I just wanna sleep. Going SCAPE tomorrow for Airbrush tattoo, can't wait! x


  1. What's an airbrush tattoo ?

    Natasha (наташа)

  2. Love the super rich kids quote :) Make a picture of your airbrush tat, would love to see it.

    xo Mel
    Conquer your fears with me

    1. Thanks! Got it from twitter.
      And sure! :-) x