Saturday, September 28, 2013

Best friend

"Wherever you go, just always remember, you're never alone, we're birds of a feather. And we'll never change, no matter the weather. This is my oath to you." - Oath by Cher Lloyd

Met up with Nelle today at Tampines for lunch at Nando's. So happy and contented because I finally satisfied my Nando's craving. After that we walked around before heading to EXPO for MPH sale because Nelle's looking for book to read. After that, home sweet home! 

So apparently you can now google search using images, I tried by using the picture of me above and the top result is... (Btw, the second result for it is a picture of adam lambert. My self confidence just went from 0 to 3)



  1. cute blog post :D
    it would mean so much if you could check out my blog, as im new to the blogging world and would love some feedback if you ever have the time!

    thankyou!!! xxx

  2. That chicken looks so nice omg i've not had a Nando's before, which chicken is that!? xx

    1. You should it's really good! We ordered whole chicken. x