Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy days.

Have been doing the 100happydays challenge for the past 5 days without failing, which is great! On the 4th day, which is yesterday, we (Shu Xuan, Jasmine, Camille and I) went for dinner at City Link's Sushi Express. It was amazinggggg & I finally satisfied my Sushi craving. Afterwards we headed to Esplanade to just chill and talk about random stuff (something that I've always loved to do).

School was really boring today, as usual. Actually wanted to stay home today but decided to just to go school instead since I'm already up. Had frozen yogurt at Sogurt with the girls (Melissa and Hui Ling) after school before heading home! Yummmmz.

These few days have been really great. Definitely felt better compared to the days before I started with the 100 Happy Days challenge. Not sure if it's coincidence or that this challenge actually works. However, after I'm back from school today, all the stress and negativity, the thought of scoring really badly for this coming term test and for this semester is back. I need positivity and I really can't afford to score badly for my exams. I need the GPA. x

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