Sunday, May 4, 2014

1/100 happy days

Decided to start on the 100 happy days challenge with Melissa because ever since Gemma (Styles) started doing it, I've been wanting to do it. I tried once but failed miserably so I hope I would last this time round. Also, after finishing her 100 days challenge, Gemma explained about how she started doing this challenge because she was feeling quite unhappy but after doing this she felt contented about how things were going and said that people who needs cheering should start doing this, so... Why not do it again?? Will be posting all pictures on Twitter, so that I won't be annoying anybody on Instagram. So if you want to, you could check them out on Twitter! :-) 

So I've been feeling really irritated and annoyed lately, for no particular reason. & My life has been really noisy lately too, with people talking from all directions (school), parents talking shit I don't feel like listening, etc, and I really needed time  alone so I decided to go shopping by myself. I felt less annoyed and a lot more happy now since I've got what I wanted. So yay! 1/100 happy days done! xx

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