Friday, September 6, 2013

Absolutely amazing.

These few days, 3 days to be exact, have been absolutely amazing. Reading, movies, friends, work, more reading, more movies. This. is. the. life. Have been raining too which sucks. I love how cold it is, but I miss those clear blue sky! My room is so cold right now, with only the fan on which is cooooool. It has been so so long since it has been this cold which is amazing! Was reading 'Undead or Alive' with my onesie on since it's cold so why not right? If only I have hot chocolate too. (': 
So, anyway...


Read 'Catching Fire' and 'My Wattpad Love' + 'The Boy Who Lost His Sight' on Wattpad before meeting up with Shu Xuan and Jasmine Chong at Plaza Sing. Caught Percy Jackson before our Nando's dinner. Didn't watch the first movie but the second was amazing! Lots of people say that the first one is so much better though... Shall watch it sometime. Had an amazing chitchatting session with the two girls. Had lots of fun. My onesie arrive on that day too which makes that day even more amazing.


Went back school in the morning, so great to finally see some of the many faces who I don't get to see now a days around school because most of them are at Temasek Poly, while I'm at Singapore Poly. Lunch at Pastamania after that with Jie Ling, Mingmin, Shaik and Azwan. And then Mortal Instrument with Nelle afterwards. It was amazing and frustrating because everyone seems to be 'bad' so fuck it. But the movie was really good. && Jamie Campbell Bower acted in Twilight series as one of the Volturi, didn't know this till Ruiqi (I think?) told me. Also, I've made my decision, after I finished 'Undead or Alive', I'll start buying every book one by one, starting from City of Bones. Let's do this!


A busy day. Met up with Chelsi at Bedok before heading to The Modules to get some stuff done. Lunch at Astons after that before heading to SP to hand in the Ambassador Camp form but I'm not going anymore so... wasted trip. Met up with Dad at EXPO for COMEX, and then off to Somerset to meet Chelsi again and then start with our first day of work: Giving out Flyers for World Music Festival. Home after that. Amazing day today.

Random Picture of these few days:


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