Tuesday, September 3, 2013


If you have no idea what Wattpad is, it is an online thing for people to write their own stories and then put them online for people to read. It has many different category, for examples, some of the more popular ones would be Fan Fictions and Teen Fictions. They also have others like Romance, Science Fiction, Action and more. They have some really really good ones like 'My Wattpad Love', which I've already read so many times and it still gets to me. Also there's the many series of stories written by Belwatson. And also plenty of fan fictions. It's amazing how many directioners are such good artists and writers. Sadly, I'm not one of them.

I've been reading plenty and plenty of stories from it's App since the start of this year? You can name lots of amazing Fan Fictions and Teen Fictions and most likely they are those that I've already read. You guys might think that it's really weird when people write/ read fan fictions but it's actually not if you ask me (maybe because I read them). To me, it's like using the artist's name/ some information of his to make a story so it's like different and not really about the artist but some imaginary character, y'know? Sometimes that character don't even fit the artist. SO yea.

But anyway, I've been reading too much Fan Fiction to the extent that I've no more good ones to read, which makes me turn to the next category, Teen Fiction. And I realised what's popular among the writers of Teen Fictions is that it's either they tag the same stories with Fan Fiction or they write about this love story about bad boys and sarcastic nerds, which is actually really really interesting even though their story lines are around the same.

The good thing about Wattpad is that most of the stories are short like 30-60+ pages/ parts. I am someone with super short attention span so unless the book is really interesting, I can never finish a book, so it's a good thing that they have interesting and short stories here in wattpad. And I love how I always always get so so engrossed to those that I've read, if I'm not then I will just remove it and stop reading cause there's still plenty waiting for me. :O  

And what sucks now is that whatever I've read aren't "completed", which means that those stories have not ended and will still be updated when the writers finished the next part or when it's the next schedule to update it which is so so so sad! And I'm now waiting for this Fan Fiction called "Harry Potter VS Twilight" to be completed so I can start reading!! It seems pretty cool! And since I'm a fan of both movies, I need to read this! (':

I don't normally read those that are not 'completed' but they are the only nice ones left, and I can't live without Wattpad now. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. But they really do have amazing stories. And I'm not only talking about the Fan Fictions.

Oh my god, sorry for blabbering. I just feel like talking about Wattpad all of a sudden. And please do not find me weird. But even if you do it's alright, I know plenty of people who would totally understand how I feel and people who can't stop reading stories from Wattpad too so...