Monday, September 2, 2013

Stay-at-home Monday

Stay-at-home Monday. Which means it's just Tumblr, WeHeartIt, Twitter, Hongkong drama and food.
Have been trying to find stuffs to take picture of using my Iphone 'cause I just wanna improve my "photo taking" skills. I've no idea how people are able use 4s to take such good photos. I'm jealous.

And I'm finally done with my new blogger template. I've been changing and changing my templates a lot as I keep getting sick of it and also I found them weird after a period of time so, I decided to change it again. And this time round it was so annoyingly hard to just fix some of the simple shits as I have to use html and I really suck at it. And everything about this template's html just suck big time after I changed my sidebars.

Anyway! X Factor UK auditions have finally aired, and I can't wait to watch more! My favorites are currently Sam Bailey and Tamera Foster. They have really amazing voice and oh, Sam Bailey is a prisoner officer, how cool is that!

Tamera Foster; Sam Bailey

Nothing else for now, shall end this post with my current favorite YouTube collab video: