Monday, September 2, 2013

Photos ft. what I do today + edits

A sketch of Cyclops by a certain artist which is done is less than 5 mins? wow 
( Found on my bro's table) 
WeHeartIt App.

Have been in love with this app (it's a website too but I don't like to use it outside of it's app, so..) ever since I found some pictures on that website, but for some reason I only love using it by phone. It's like tumblr combined with instagram? Yeap. Lots of different kinds of pictures/ gifs. Love it. Have been really into taking photos with my iphone and anything related to pictures lately, I swear I'm weird. And I really really want a Polaroid camera! I've been wanting one since 3 years ago? And I still don't have one! )-: 

My edits hahah! It's nothing much I know but... YAY! By the way, for the first edit all  I did was brighten it and add that thingy. (Just in case some people might think that I do the whole edit myself lol. I've got  no such talent)

In love with this tatt!! It's the same as Danielle.P's except without the smiley face. And I don't know if you guys know this but I've always been in love with that tatt of Danielle's and now that I see this, I want it! )-: But.... oh well!