Sunday, September 1, 2013

This Is Us ft. Raya @ Annisaa's house!

It's Septemberrrrrrrrr! Okay so September started amazingly because X Factor UK auditions are now aired. Whooptidoop. Hopefully September would be good and amazing, since it's all fun and holidays for me. Contemplating whether or not to go for the ambassador's camp because I think it'll be really really fun and I have my friends with me but it's expensive, well, for me. So....

Anyway! This Is Us with Melissa on the 30th and it was so so so amazingggg, but too short )-: . Was already mentally prepared about the depressing/ super sweet/ awww part and also that it'll be shorter than what I'll expect but still, it's too short! Waiting for the dvd to be out. (-: Queued up for 1D World after that even though we already went earlier that afternoon because I'm tempted to buy their hoodies. Me and Melissa was singing along to the karaoke and only when we're near the start of the line we realised that  by singing at the karaoke we could skip the queue! But in the end we did not get anything because the hoodie was sold out. Most of the pretty stuffs are sold out too so... Dinner after than and then home sweet home.

Raya at Annisaa's house yesterday! It was so fun, played games and stuff. Her nephew is so so cuteee! But then something really unlucky happened to me at the evening which just ruin my day lol. But yesterday was indeed fun and we had lots of fooooooood. Thanks Annisaa!

Photo timeeeeee:
 In the cinema after the movie with all the 'feeeeeeeeels'.
&While queuing for 1D World. It was taken for the whatsapp group but whatever must as well use it here too.
 w/ everyone! x
 Part 1 of the food that we had & drinks! Sorry for the sucky photo quality, lol.

 My 30 day plank challenge for September, hopefully I'll do it.
 Reasons to be happy.
Catching Fire! Decided to reread the book again before the movie starts. Excited!
Bye! xo.