Friday, September 20, 2013

Day out with Nelle

Hello whoever you may be, today was amazing.
Met up with Nelle at Changi City Point because I wanted to get notebooks and scheduler for school so I can keep track of the things that needs to be done and also so I can just use them for god knows what.

These are what I've got for $10.
A scheduler to keep track of stuffs.
2 french vivid notebooks so I can write whatever I want to write on them.
My Little Friends penguin notebook because Luke (from 5SOS) likes penguin.
I know it's super weird that I only get a scheduler after a semester has passed but well, I bought one before but I stopped using it so time to get another and this time, I really need to use it, a lot. So I won't forget stuffs.

After that we had lunch at Texas Chicken before heading to Lido for City of Bones. City of Bones is definitely one of the best movies that I've watched this year. Even though there's some parts where they did not follow the book which pisses me off, the movie was still so so amazing even though this is the second time that I've watched it. And they've the perfect casts, the best casts ever ever since Harry Potter. & Lily Collins and Jamie Bower! They are like the cutest and they really need to get back together. Please?

Ashly Williams' is currently one of my favourite contestants for XFactor USA, together will Malie Delgado. They've such amazing voice! If only I'm half as good as them. )-: Anyway, today I tried something different by treating my romper as overalls and wore it over a black top. Seems to work which is great cause now I have another way to wear my romper. Wanted to take an ootd shot when I reach home but my phone camera sucks right now and I've no idea why. And my hair's disgusting. x

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