Sunday, September 22, 2013

Helping hand

"They'd confused beauty with innocence and harmlessness."- Maia

Hello whoever you are, yesterday and today have been very busy, till now. 

Yesterday, I went for Leo Club's flag day at Pasir Ris, went home and went for F1. (Since it doesn't really fit this post's 'theme', I shall blog about it another time.) Today, I went to Ren Chi's home to help out by pushing the elderly to the annually held Vegetarian Fair. Anyway, isn't my phone's lockscreen the hottest? Even the battery life is hot. Okay, I'm just kidding... (I just realised my battery life, I didn't screenshot it on purpose or whatever... Just fyi.) Also, I'm going to start posts with quotes from books/ other places because, why not? The quote I use for this post is actually one of my favorite quotes from Mortal Instruments.

 Yesterday flag day wasn't as successful as the one I did at Toa Payoh the other time for school because me and Melissa have no idea where to go and we asked for donations only for an hour and then we decided to walk to Tampines while asking for donations along the way. Sadly, there aren't really many people so we didn't managed to get donations afterwards.

We walked all the way to the bubble-tea shop near Dunman Secondary because my brother has always been telling me how good that bubble-tea store's bubble-tea is, so I wanna try it. We got lost, walked the longer way, and when we finally reach the place and ordered our bubble-tea, I received a text from my brother that the store he has told me about has closed... But the one we drank are pretty damn good too plus anything cold is good enough for us at that point of time. 

After that, we took 293 to Tampines and then MRT-ed back to Pasir Ris. Lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and then home to get ready for F1! 

Ren Chi this year was better than last year because this year I got a better partner who don't boss me around and patients who are more outgoing, chatty, and speak english or chinese. It was less crowded this time round so it's still pretty alright. Had fun. But as you can see most helpers are adults/ middle-age people, there're only like 4 other helpers that are my age, apart from me.

Alright, I shall end this post with an amazing cover of Wrecking Ball by Megan Nicole!x

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