Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Daily Update

Regretted just rotting at home the week before and this week just because I'm waiting for the text/ whatsapp message to ask me to work. And till now, I received none. I could have went out with my only homiez right now, aka Nelle, or at least find another 3/4 days job. At least I'll earn more money. 

Have been reading and reading this few days/ weeks. & now that I've calculated, in these 2 weeks, I've actually spent $103 on books which is scary considering I was never a super huge fan of reading and now that I started on Mortal Instruments, it's like I got addicted to reading again. Kind of reminds me of me when I was reading Night World 2/3 during Secondary 3. Good times.

Currently taking a break from Mortal Instruments before starting on City of Fallen Angels because I just can't bring myself to watch (imagine, since it's a book) Clary/ Jace/ Magnes/ Alec's love life fall apart after City of Glass, because the ending of City of Glass was so happy and amazing. Reason why I know everything is gonna fall apart for those 4 people is because I read them on Google.

Anyway! Percy Jackson again with Nelle. It was alright, what sucks is that the people behind us keep kicking/ shaking the chair, which is so annoying. Can't wait to watch City of Bones again with Nelle! Now that I've read the book, I just need to watch it again! x

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