Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leow's Birthday !

Leow's birthday yesterday !
Met Nelle on the train and then off to Orchard Forum to find Leow for her birthday lunch. Before meeting her we went to bought this cake from Secret Recipe. Forgotten the name but it's chocolate something. It's really good. Oh , and we bought the exact same cake as Leow's colleague ( I think ) and she was just standing right behind us. LOL.
After that we went to California Pizza Kitchen for pizza and pasta. The pizza and pasta were good but it's damn hard to cut the pizza... hehes.
Went to walk around far east and orchard afterwards as Leow had to go back to work ): .
And now that Nelle has said it , I realized that my style is indeed the expensive kind. oh god why... And also I realized that last time the most expensive clothes that I used to have were from forever21, now I have like a lot of clothes which are from forever21 and cotton on which is around that range of price and they are the cheaper ones ( counted as ) that I have , apart from the top that I bought from bugis street. Oh god... I really wanted to go to Bangkok because their clothes are cheap and they most likely have the style I want and I can buy a whole lot of clothes and then stop shopping till there's like hardcore sales in Singapore.  And the only shop with a more hardcore sales is h&m.  I think ah.
That's all I guess. Going off to meet Jiamin and co. for Seoul Garden soon , after so long.
Alright, bye !

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