Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DEMI LOVATO CONCERT + job at some expo event.

18 March: Demi Lovato concert with  Jiamin

Outfitofthedayandnight :
- Ramones top from new look
( New fav tee cause i've spent like 6 month looking for a proper ramones tee and hualala )
- Dark blue jeans from Bershka
- Black boots-heels from new look

I should and shouldn't have worn heels for concert. Should is because with heels , my chin is above this guy right infront of me so if I didn't wear it , I won't be able to really see demi. Shouldn't is because my legs fucking hurts after the concert , it's even worse than the time I wore this heels to prom. My leg is still aching badly now so...

Anyway, met jiamin at 9 plus am at eunos and then we made our way to resort world sentosa. Reach hard rock cafe there at around 10 plus am which is like 10 hours before the predicted timing that the concert starts which is like 8pm. And it's already quite a long queue. If I'm not wrong , the first group of people came like at  5 plus am? Anyway , ate some sweets and tidbits , chitchat.. And by 3pm , I've already drank like 2 coffee bean which makes me wanna puke. Made friends with this two girls beside us.

Those who got the VIP tickets or meet and greet pass get to go for their whatever events plus soundcheck , and also they get to go in first or around the same time as us. So when we went in we were counted as quite close to the stage. We waited for like almost an hour? before she came out. It's really stuffy and if i'm not wrong 1 fainted and like 2/3 left or go to the sides because it's so stuffy. The guards also kept throwing water at us , i think it's to let us feel cooler? idk. But yea.

After so , she came out. She sang quite a lot of songs and every single one of my favorite songs by her.
She sang my love like a star, fix a heart, skyscraper, GYHAB, here we go again, don't forget, get back, remember december, lalaland, heart attack, turn up the music (cover ) , a miranda lambert song cover etc. The others I can't really remember. So yea. It was a crazy and awesome night definitely and the 1 hour was definitely worth waiting for.

Oh and did I mention I saw Tiffany Alvord too ?! She's seriously very pretty.
And she was there to watch demi concert too..

 Pictures !!!

I was quite close and those demi photos don't do her justice and cause iphone camera sucks like shit and there's lighting , so most of my pictures are like either blur or can't see her face at all so yea.. these few pictures are already the best few. Took like a hundred plus pics and I'm only left with like 13 or less than that now. lol
Before the start of the concert

Can't really see her face in this too but this is the best pic that i've taken with her playing the piano.
Again , can't really see her face but this is the best pic i've taken with her playing the guitar
After the last song , GYHAB..

Demi is so fucking gorgeous , and just fucking good live. No doubt she's one of those artist that sing live just as good or better than her soundtrack. Her best performance that night was definitely skyscraper. She's so inspiring, talented, and just fucking sexy and gorgeous. My photos really don't do her justice. Only those super close people or those who got those damn good camera 's pictures can.

Oh and also , I really love how before the encore .. because demi haven't sang gyhab yet and she went off , the whole crowd started singing GYHAB , and then she same back up for that last song. One of my fav part of yesterdays concert too !

Had some drinks after the concert cause we were all so thirsty and then home sweet home.

15 March to 17 March

Worked at expo by helping out the cashier if they need help and also help to sell icecream and help out with the samples if the people needed help. Those three days was tiring , leg was aching.. but this is definitely the easiest job I've ever work. And also the guy paid us more than he should have which makes me so happy , but then so guilty. Me and Jiayi also made this friend from some booth who is something like a , erm...he use your birthday to find out your personality and apparently your future too ? It's just weird and funny, really.

Had dinner with jiayi , jingjie , and their friend ( I can't remember his name ) at Ajisen during the last day of the event. It was so goood.

Pictures !

With this super tall coach at the smart kids event.
Elmo ! teehees.
Spongebob and Patrick

Having great fun and these few days are all one of the better days in my life lol and i'm not joking.
And of course seeing demi at her concert is definitely one of or the best day of my entire life , no doubt. And going to see her live is definitely the best decision I've made.
That's all i guess ! Bye

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