Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seoul Garden + The Croods

(from left to right , top and then bottom : azizah, me, jiamin, sheming, ama)

Day out with the girls.

Met Ama , Sheming and Azizah at Bedok Inter before taking train to bugis to meet jiamin and then off to bugis junction's Seoul Garden. Spent like around 2 to 3 hours there? And this is the first time that I don't feel bloated or very full after eating a buffet which is good? But no doubt, I ate like a lot. Teehees.

After that we decided to watch "The Croods". It's not like really that nice (cause I saw so many people rating it 9 or 10 slash 10) but yea it's nice and omg I really thought the father will die okay, not cool. But yea it's nice and funny, and you people should go watch it teehees. Another good cartoon movie apart from Wreck-it Ralph. Thank god that bugis junction didn't have ghost child because Sheming, Jiamin and Ama wanted to watch horror and I seriously can't stand horror...

After that we went back to cotton on because I saw this army-green outerwear (?) that I really like but it doesn't look good on me so meh... But I bought like these 2 men tops at cotton on 'cause .. one, I've always liked men tops because they're mostly nicer than those normal female tops hahahs, and two, because I liked the design, of course! And since it's like one for 20 and like 3 for 30, and I love those two that I've tried and I find that buying 3 is so much better, I bought another one for my bro. And I got the right size (OH YEA!). He's the same size as me, wtf.

Hopefully, we will have another outing.. maybe movie or something and hopefully Michelle and Haidah can make it next time . ): Oh and I really wanna watch G.I JOE and Warm Bodies. They seem niceee.

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