Saturday, March 15, 2014

Whatever happened this week!

On Monday, I met up with the girls to send Chelsi off as she's going back to the Philippines for more than a month, boooo! Also, we celebrated Annisaa's belated birthday too as we weren't able to meet up on first of March. Anyway, had a great day with the girls as usual!

On Thursday, I went over to Jannelle's house to put my bag for the sleepover and then headed to the city/ town. Had Pastamania for lunch which satisfied my huge craving for it. After that we went to Bugis Plus to look for laptop stickers and also Nelle's fish-eye lens. Got "Amazeballs" and two one direction stickers for my laptop and I'm really satisfied with how it look, even though it looked weird at the start. 

After that we went Somerset because I wanted to shop at F21 but unfortunately, I can't find anything there. We headed to H&M next where I FOUND AND BOUGHT ME BOOOTS. In love with it and afterwards I went and try on the jeans that I saw which was probably on sale. 
That's also the jeans that most probably cause my allergic reaction. After leaving H&M and walking to Wisma, I started feeling really uncomfortable and when I reach the toilet, I realised that I had an allergic reaction which was horrible because I look horrible and I'm in town (I've never had an allergic reaction outside and I only had an allergic reaction once at home). Went back to Nelle's house afterwards and during that one hour bus ride, my face got better and it was all gone when I reach Simei! Weird, I know!

Quickly showered, eat and then we started our Movie Marathon. Which lasted til around 2 plus 3am? We then continued our movie marathon the next day with pizzas and drumlets!

Had such an amazing time with this loser. And now for the selfies! x
*Plays #Selfie by The Chainsmokers*

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