Monday, March 17, 2014

Bounty Lady

So I've been really obsessed with this Hong Kong Drama called Bounty Lady (translated to English). It's a comedy and romance kind of drama which I really love because I can't stop laughing and the main guy (the super huge guy on the right) is back! He used to act in this comedy detective kind of show which my brother and I was obsessed with so yea!

The many episodes of Bounty Lady (that I've watched) never failed to make me laugh at the ridiculousness of the people, the jokes, and such. However, it also has its learning lessons about love and such. Bounty Lady is pretty much about this guy helping out different girls to get their Prince Charming, to transform different girls (bigger size/ tom boy/ etc) into whatever they wanna become so that the guy they like/ are interested in will like them. And in between all these are just mini lessons here and there. I'm only at the seventh episode so this is all I can say about this drama!

So yea, it's probably one of the Hong Kong dramas that I actually really like nowadays because I've stopped watching HK dramas unless they appeal to me because I haven't had the time to watch many dramas ever since Polytechnic, so yea! It should be already on Channel 855, I think, if you're a Starhub subscriber so go watch it! x

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