Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Wishlist (edited)

Instead of doing a New Year resolution thing for 2014 like what I did for the past few years, I decided to do a Wishlist of whatever I want myself to do, and what I want for 2014. Reason being that I don't make any firm decisions to do anything despite blogging (& taking note) about the New Year Resolution thing that I do yearly so what's the point?

1. iPhone 6 / 5S
2. Be more sociable
3. Doing something for the first time ever
4. Not losing any of the friends that I have right now
5. If One Direction is coming to town - One Direction WWA Tour
6. Better GPA
7. Get a weekend job
8. Do well for Integrated Project
9. Have an amazing 18TH Birthday
10. Stepping out of my comfort zone
11. Be happy.
12. Learn to love, not only myself but also someone else.
13. Work out!!!!
14. Overcome some of my insecurities
15. Spent more time doing what I've always wanted to do instead of just staying at home 24/7 fantasizing over something I know wouldn't happened/ wasting my time lazing in bed.
16. Drink more water!!

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