Sunday, December 8, 2013

Early Christmas Celebration w/ 03

Had an early Christmas celebration with 03 last friday together with XinYing's birthday celebration and it was so much fun! Had BBQ, secret santa present giving, played cards and chitchatted while waiting for time to pass! Took lots of photos and these are some of them!

After Class BBQ, Jasmine, Jiasheng and I headed to Marina Barrage to stay out for the night. Walked the longer and creepier way because we have no idea how to get there. Midnight Cardio maybe? Anyway it was so cold that night/ morning that even though I'm wearing a long sleeve top, I was freezing. Wanted to catch the sunrise but it was blocked by the clouds! )-: Walked back to Marina Square using Garden by the bay route for breakfast at KFC before heading home! x

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