Monday, October 14, 2013

The start of Semester 2.

Classes this Semester seems hard and boring, hopefully it's just the start and that the modules will get better. It was so so so great to get to see my friends too. Finally reunited with Annissaa and Huiling after not seeing them for ages! Others too, but at least I get to see them during Class BBQ! Had Economics, Audio Visual System and General Education today. Economics was alright, AVS was so boring and I don't understand a thing, and Gen Ed was actually surprisingly fun! May this semester be great! 

Anyway, the good news of today is that Sam Bailey followed me! Also, I was so disappointed and depressed (at first) that I didn't win this Bangerz album contest because I really really really wanted the album, but then I realised Melissa won so I'm gonna borrowed it from her asap! Can't wait to have Bangerz on repeat on my phone! Anyway, I wouldn't be blogging almost everyday now since it's school and there's nothing really great/ fantastic/ blogging-worthy to blog anymore :(. x

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