Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mortal Instruments

My life revolves a lot around Mortal Instruments now. The books, the casts and all those tumblr fan accounts of Jamie Bower and Lily Collins.

The book 'City of Ashes' is actually so so amazing. And everything about Simon or happen to Simon is just brilliant. A lot people on Tumblr are saying that City of Glass is super good and City of Glass is the book that was recommended a lot, I can't wait to start reading it. Have to start saving for the next book, I'm like so broke right now because I bought 'All I want for Christmas is a Vampire' by Kerrelyn Sparks too yesterday, such a good book. I rent it a few years ago? And I finally found it yesterday. And I realised I love romance + vampire/ werewolves/ shape shifters/ shadow hunters kind of books (':

Told you. Jokes on you guys, she won. Boomz. x

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