Monday, September 16, 2013

City of Glass ft. Results
+ XFactor UK Auditions Week 3

If I read the same speed as I did yesterday for City of Glass, I should be able to finish it by today. And then I can get the next book tomorrow. My meals today (apart from dinner) will most probably be cakes and nothing else because I'm saving money for my books and I should really stop eating instant noodles.

Also, tomorrow at 11 AM, I'll be getting my results for this semester. Can't stop thinking about it ever since I found out about the date that our results will be out. Time like these, thank god for books and internet to distract us from thinking about stuffs like these, stuffs that we shouldn't think about.

X Factor UK Auditions week 3 is another amazing week, filled with amazing singers. There are other contestants who are fantastic but their genre/ whatever you call it just don't really fit me, I guess. My favourites this week are Next of Kin and Nicholas McDonald. Nicholas voice is just wow, and I really like Next of Kin's room auditions so yea. x

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