Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mortal Instruments.

If you're going to read City of Bones or don't wanna find out if Jace and Clary are siblings or not yet, skip this post.

 Just finished City of Bones yesterday, which by the way was amazing! A lot better than the movie, stories are slightly different compared to the movie like the main issues and stuffs are more or less the same but others are kinda different. For example, the portals, what happened to madame dorothea, etc. The only thing that suck is that I'm quite sure I didn't come across this quote in the book, 'Remember when I said I'd never seen an angel? Well, I lied.' and that's what I like about the movie when Jace said this to Clary. Oh and Luke wasn't the one Clary threw some weapon at, it was Alaric. And Simon turned into a mouse, and it was Jace who got bitten by the vampire. And I hope Alec and Magnus will get together. And also for some reason, I actually really really like the Falcon Story.

Meeting Nelle and Amanda later at bugis, off to get the City of Ashes. Can't wait. Can't wait to finish this book and move on to City of Glass, where they know that they are actually NOT siblings. I don't think they'll officially get together til at least City of Glasses, so yea. x

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