Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Amazing day out!

Had an amazing day with my 2 bestest friends, also known as, sisters from another mister/ other misters (I don't know). So this is what we did today...

First, we went Kinokuniya to look for my City of Ashes which sadly, was out of stock. But I saw 'Where we are' on the shelf so, must as well buy it. I could have gotten 2 Mortal Instruments book with it (I think), but it's 1D. Lunch at Soup Spoon after that. 

After that we went to Takashimaya to get City of Ashes because I just need that book, and then we decided to watch The Purge. If you're a fan of thrillers movie then I'll recommend you to watch it cause if you're a fan of this types of movie, you'll love it. But if you can't really watch this type of movies (like me) then better not. It's actually nice, but it's disgusting. I was actually really excited to watch it because I find the storyline pretty cool, but when you're actually watching the movie, watching them kill, it's another story, not cool at all. It's just disgusting. And just when we left the building we heard a siren very similar to the one that starts and ends the Purge event which is just...

Walked around Fareast after that and had our lunch at Ramen Ten. So disappointed that they had no salmon till 7 plus, which is just sad. Home sweet home after that!

Lunch @ Soup Spoon
L-R: Nelle, Amanda, Me

My books!

Me with my book ft. annoying guys/ friends of that annoying guy who bitch about Louis. Nothing really rude to be mad/ annoyed about but I really can't stand people like this. "Cui"? Come on, who's the one playing soccer with the professionals and living his dream, and who's the one having to study Amaths at Wendy's?

The Purge!

Actually really like this candid shot of me on the left, because my face is covered so you can't see it woots. And it would be my ootd shot too hahah.

Anyway! I actually envy those people who can speak/ communicate with everyone confidently. Cause most of the time unless I've talked to you a few times already, I'll always stutter a tiny bit? Which sucks cause I can't really argue with people because I'll stutter. I can't even talk to some people without stuttering a bit.  Alright, bye!x

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