Thursday, September 12, 2013

Boring, dull, mundane.

Holiday has started to get very boring for me this week as I don't have plans (Apart from the amazing day out with Nelle and Leow) because just in case I'm asked to do shifts for the flyer giving job, I'll be free. And because I've got no friends. So, it's mostly twitter, tumblr, youtube and a lot of blogging even though I've nothing really interesting to blog about. & also a tiny bit of reading "Where We Are" and "City of Ashes". I'm currently reading City of Ashes slowly because I'm still broke, which is so so sad. So, yeah.

I've been seeing a lot of people using this website/ app called Bloglovin' on Tumblr. Initially, I thought it's another website like Blogger, but actually it's not. You pretty much just link your blog/ tumblr to it and people can like or comment on or follow your blog? And you can read people's blogs there and categorized them, etc. I've been loving this website because whenever I'm bored I could just read those popular posts/ top blogs etc. And I could just go onto it to see if Danielle Bernstein, Danielle Peazer or Zoella has updated their blogs. :-) x

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