Friday, September 13, 2013

Books books books.

Some of the books that I've read since I was 15. (Apart from Miles to go, dare to dream and where we are because they're just autobiographies. And Miles to go came out so so long ago?) What I've always dislike about my small 'collections' of books is that Kerrelyn Sparks books, the Vampire Diaries books and the Night World 1, 2, 3 are not inside! And out of all the books I've read, they are all one of my favourites and also they are those that I would keep re-reading.

I wasn't a fan (as in I don't like reading/ don't really like reading) of reading til late 2011? So most of the time I rent books instead of buying and keeping them cause I find keeping books a waste of space. And I've nowhere to keep them. (The place that I use now to keep my books used to be occupied by my computer) And since I've been renting Kerrelyn Sparks books and Vampire Diaries, I need to get the refunds back from the previous book that I've rent before I'm able to rent the next one. I went back to Sans Bookshop (the place I rent those books) to buy those books of Kerrelyn Sparks that I've loved, but they're gone... & Reason why I have one of the Vampire Diaries book is because I bought it during sales. Meh. What's the point when I don't have the others?

So yeah. I'm still planning on getting Night World 2 and 3 after I finished Mortal Instruments. And am still trying to find those Kerrelyn Sparks books everytime I step into Sans. :-( x

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