Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Metallica ft. VMAs.

METALLICA (24th August)

Got the chance to work at Metallica last Saturday and it was amazing! We got no meals till 9 plus but it was still alright. I was supposed to do the tagging which is to tag the fans with the wristbands for Pen A, and it was so so fun. It was scary at first because never have I done it before. And for the first few it's like one whole group. And I've no idea what type of people to expect. So it was actually pretty scary, but after a while it was alright. There's really different people from all walks of life no kidding. My partner was Sue, she was supposed to check and tear the ticket and she helped me so much hhah! Had so much fun because some of the people who are drunk are pretty funny. I got the funny drunk so yea. Great experience overall,  didn't get to watch their concert because we had to leave before the crowd, but yea, it was a fun day!

Had so much fun that day! Materials yesterday and I watched the VMAs before heading to school to study. Apart from the unnecessary drama caused, VMAs was pretty awesome. Justin and NSYNC performance was just amazing and wow. Macklemore's performance is amazing as well. So is Katy Perry's ROAR for the closing of the VMAs. That's all! xo